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Choose to Grow through Anything. reWrite your story. 
Open to post-traumatic growth and boundless possibilities.
No Explaining. No Defending. No Proving. 
You don't have to know how.  That's my job!

Supporting you through Grief, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions and Conflict Resolution

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My name is Cheryl Storey, and my role as a registered psychotherapist, and a story-teller, with good strong roots in somatic, energy-based and complimentary healing methods, is to help you acknowledge, and re-Member the "who" of who you really are.  Boundless extension of expand, embrace, deepen and even lighten and brighten your "Story" for healing, personal growth and empowerment, transformation, meaning- making, deep relief, release and inner-peace.

We all have stories often playing havoc on our minds, bodies, routines and relationships, - be they limiting, or freeing.  Our imaginations are as real as the ground we stand on, so we want that working for us! I will support you to acknowledge and to keep writing and rewriting your life's ever-evolving story, by taking charge of your "own pen".  I want to help you get your stories and the thoughts, feelings and behaviours they can evoke, working FOR YOU.  It's never too late.  "One minute after midnight it's already today".

It takes courage to step out of the familiar however painfu, unfamiliar and uncomfortable, new actions may feel.  I am here to be present with you right now.  At "this" moment in your evolving life story.  I'll help you: find ways to turn toward adversity and build resilience and potentially transformative meaning, and personal growth and courage through the trauma, loss, confusion, anxiety and stress of the current situation bringing you to counselling. You deserve to reclaim the hero inside of you. S/he never went anywhere. Just buried under clouds, smog, fog, crap, tsunami's, whatever.  You cannot lose what is real! 

I bring many years of empowering,  soulful, skilled, mindful, energy and strength based professional and life experience to share with you.

'Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can.'

What You Can Expect

I'm a motivational and mindful listener, committed to be absolutely present with you and to your story.  I can help you turn habitual "reactions" to conscious, creative, empowering "responses", sharing inspirational tools, and evidence-based strategies and resources and help you get connected and reconnect to the wisdom of your own heart, the people, programs, and resources who are here to support your well-being, healing, and growth.

Fees & Coverage

  • Blue Cross Provider
  • Homewood Health Service Provider
  • Recognized by many insurance companies  
  • Receipts provided

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Text or call:613-847-3962

"You are the sky. 

Everything else is weather"



"What if" it's possible to turn toward trauma, build resilience, reconnect, experience relief, create new  meaning, grow the good, and tap into peace?

 "When we Change the Way we Look at Things, the Things we Look at Change"

Our Imaginations are as Real as the Ground we Stand on.  We want that working FOR US.

Learn your Best Ways to:

~Deal with trauma, loss, anxiety, life transitions and conflict resolution

~Deal with PTSD, 

~Operational Stress Injuries (OSI's), 

 ~Panic Attacks and Fear

~Find meaning thru Grief, tragedy, & loss

~Release emotional charge

~Reconnect to Body-Based Wisdom

~Explore Body-Based Somatic Listening

~Get Connected to Resources and Supports

~Cultivate Mindful, Meaningful Awareness

~Learn how to Respond vs. React to adversity

~Identify, Challenge & Reframe Problems

~Experience Traumatic Incident Reduction

~ Anger Management

~Problem Solving Skills

~Step forward thru Separation and Divorce

~Create Rites of Passage


  1. Vocal Toning  & Sound Healing Circles                                - Saturday, September 21st                                               - Saturday, December 7, 2019                                           
  2. Spiritual Psychotherapy Circle - 12 weeks       -6:30-8:30, Mondays, February- May 2020. Dates:tba        
  3. Inner Female Weekend:  Women's Stories, Women's WisdomFriday thru Sunday May 29 to May 31, 
                     -Friday May 29- 6:30,-9:00 
                     -Saturday, May 30, 10-4  
                      -Sunday May 31, 10-2pm

"As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others"   - Marianne Williamson

Cheryl Storey, MA, RP, OACCPP   is a Registered   Psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario, sharing many years of experience working in private practice.  She is a strength-based counsellor, solution focused, meaning-making enthusiast,  trained and grounded in mindfulness, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), narrative, TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction), emotion focused, somatic and attachment based, psycho-energetic, spiritiual psychotherapy, humanistic and yoga and vibrational medicine-based healing traditions. 

Cheryl  is also a certified hatha yoga instructor, applied meditation teacher and certified natural health consultant specializing in psycho-energetic healing.  Cheryl has worked as: a Staff Clinician with Homewood Health; with various Employee Assistant Programs; a University Sociology Lecturer; and as a teacher of Spiritual Psychotherapy, Inner Female, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing workshops.  She currently runs her own psychotherpay and healing arts practice in Kingston, Ontario.